University of Swansea (SU)

Full Partner

The Physics Department of Swansea University has the third biggest theoretical particle physics group in the UK.

Key Persons

  • Dr B. Lucini
  • Dr G. Aarts
  • Dr C. Allton
  • Dr C. Nunez
  • Dr M. Piai.

Key Competences/Facilities

The main strengths of Theoretical Particle Physics at Swansea are Lattice Gauge Theory and String Theory. Strongly interacting dynamics beyond the SM is one of the principal fields of activity of the group. Together with Edinburgh, Swansea has developed an original approach to lattice studies of strongly interacting (quasi-)conformal dynamics and is pioneering numerical investigations of Orientifold Planar Equivalence. At the same time, non-perturbative quasi-conformal dynamics is being investigated with AdS/CFT techniques.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The Theoretical Particle Physics group recruits four Ph.D. students per year. Full members of the group are two to four postdoctoral research associate per year. In July 2009, Swansea has hosted the conference “Large-N”, whose central topic was non-perturbative dynamics of strongly interacting theories. In August 2010 Swansea will host the yearly British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics for Ph.D. students.

Selected Publications

  1. L. Del Debbio, B. Lucini, A. Patella, C. Pica, A. Rago,Conformal versus confining scenario in SU(2) with adjoint fermions, Phys. Rev. D80, 074507, 2009.
  2. A. Armoni, B. Lucini, A. Patella, Lattice Study of Planar Equivalence: The Quark Condensate, Phys.Rev.D78, 045019, 2008.
  3. C. Allton, M. Teper, A. Trivini, On the running of the bare coupling in SU(N) lattice gauge theories, JHEP 0807, 021, 2008.