University of Oxford (UOXF)

Full Partner

The Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, at the University of Oxford, hosts Oxford’s Theoretical Physics community, with researchers in Particle Theory, Condensed Matter and Astrophysics, including about 45 doctoral students and about 20 postdoctoral fellows.

Key Persons

  • Dr M. Teper

Key Competences/Facilities

The Peierls Centre includes some of the UK’s most prominent BSM phenomenologists and, with the permanent arrival of Savas Dimopoulos in 2010, will become a leading world centre in BSM physics. The Centre also includes one of the world’s leading experts on conformal field theory, John Cardy, who lectures in our graduate programme. The Peierls Centre is part of the Department of Physics, within which we also have the UK’s largest high energy experimental group (with many working at the LHC) and one of the world’s leading Astronomy and Cosmology groups.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The Centre provides extensive graduate lecture courses as training for its doctoral students and its young postdocs. In lattice field theory, there is an established track record of producing outstanding students (e.g. Hart, Meyer, Stephanov, Wittig) and outstanding young postdocs (e.g. Bringoltz, Hands, Lucini, Philipsen, Wenger).

Selected Publications

  1. The closed string spectrum of SU(N) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions. A.Athenodorou, B. Bringoltz and M. Teper Physics Letters B656 (2007) 132.
  2. Symmetry breaking in twisted Eguchi-Kawai models. M. Teper and H.Vairinhos. Physics Letters B652 (2007) 359.
  3. In search of a Hagedorn transition in SU(N) lattice gauge theories at large-N.
    B. Bringoltz and M. Teper. Physical Review D73 (2006) 014517.