INFN-Frascati National Laboratory (LNF)

Full Partner

INFN coordinates the Italian research in nuclear and subnuclear physics, including a vigorous program in theoretical physics The Frascati National Laboratory (LNF) have a strong tradition in Lattice Field Theory and Particle Phenomenology, and a commitment to outreach and young scientists training.

Key Persons

  • Prof. M. P. Lombardo.

Key Competences/Facilities

We are at the forefront of research in lattice field theory and phase transitions in particle physics. We have proposed and applied methods of analysis of the phase diagram of QCD, and other strongly coupled theories, and we are serving in the Advisory Committees of the main conferences in the field. We have access to the apeNEXT computer infrastructure and to the INFN national cluster facilities.

Previous Training Programs and Research

We have organized very successful Schools, Workshops and Conferences, and promoted the cross fertilization between nuclear and particle physics in Italy. This was also possible thanks the excellent facilities of the Laboratory, which include a newly open guest house available for free. We have access at the apeNEXT computer infrastructure, and to the INFN cluster system.

Selected Publications

  1. A.Deuzeman, M.P.Lombardo and E. Pallante,The physics of eight flavours. Phys.Lett. B670(2008)41
  2. M.D’Elia and M.P.Lombardo, QCD thermodynamics from an imaginary mu(B): Results on the four flavor lattice model,Phys.Rev. D 70(2004) 074509
  3. M. D’Elia and M .P.Lombardo,Finite density QCD via imaginary chemical potential. Phys. Rev.D 67 (2003) 014505