University of Groningen (RUG)

Full Partner

The Centre for Theoretical Physics at RUG consists of representatives in String Theory and Supergravity, String Theory and Cosmology, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Computing and Field Theory and Particle Physics. The last-mentioned is led by Prof. Pallante, and is member of the Dutch Research School for Theoretical Physics.

Key Persons

  • Prof. E. Pallante.

Key Competences/Facilities

The group is active in three research directions: i) lattice study of the phase diagram of gauge theories, ii) lattice QCD with a strange and charm dynamical quarks – within the European Twisted Mass Collaboration and iii) flavour physics with extra dimensions. In collaboration with Prof. Lombardo, we have recently contributed to the understanding of conformality in non abelian gauge theories with fundamental fermions. This research has received strong support by the Stichting Nationale Computerfaciliteiten (NCF) and the group has access to Huygens (IBM Power6) supercomputer facility at SARA (Amsterdam) and a BlueGene/P at RUG.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The group participates in the EU training network FLAVIAnet for flavour physics, and in the organization of PhD schools in theoretical physics within the DRSTP. Together with Prof. Lombardo and Prof. Sannino, we have organized a Lorentz Center Workshop to stimulate the study of strongly coupled non abelian gauge theories and encourage a crosstalk between phenomenologists and lattice field theorists. Prof. Pallante chairs the Honours College program for the Faculty of Science, a new extracurricular program for excellent Bachelor students.

Selected Publications

  1. A. Deuzeman, M.P. Lombardo, E. Pallante, The Physics of eight flavours, Phys. Lett. B670 (2008) 41.
  2. A. Deuzeman, M.P. Lombardo, E. Pallante, Evidence for a conformal phase in SU(N) gauge theories, arXiv:0904.4662 [hep-ph].
  3. E. Pallante, Strongly and Slightly Flavored Gauge Theories, PoS(LAT2009)015, plenary review at Lattice2009.