University of Edinburgh (UEDIN)

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The University of Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s ancient universities, and the leading research institution in the country. The Particle Physics Theory group has a large lattice subgroup with leading figures in the study of lattice QCD, lattice BSM, algorithmic and hardware developments. The phenomenology and experimental groups  are actively involved in ATLAS and LHCb.

Key Persons

  • Dr L. Del Debbio
  • Prof R. Kenway
  • Dr B. Pendleton
  • Dr J. Zanotti
  • Dr A. Hart.

Key Comptences/Facilities

Staff members in Edinburgh have more than 20 years of experience in numerical simulations, and in operating supercomputers. They are part of the collaboration UKQCD since its creation in the mid-80s. The group has access to HPC resources, through DEISA funding, and dedicated machines. Recent funding for HPC will ensure that multi TFlop installations will be accessible to STRONGBSM.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The School of Physics is part of the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA). Students have access to the SUPA graduate school, which offers more than 100 graduate courses. Members of staff at Edinburgh are SUPA’s lecturers. Members of PPT were amongst the first groups to pioneer the study of BSM physics via lattice simulations. They have produced the most versatile and performing code for simulations beyond QCD.

Selected Publications

  1. Mass anomalous dimension in SU(2) with two adjoint fermions. Francis Bursa, Luigi Del Debbio, Liam Keegan, Claudio Pica, Thomas Pickup, arXiv:0910.4535
  2. The S Parameter in QCD from Domain Wall Fermions. By RBC Collaborations and UKQCD Collaborations (Peter A. Boyle et al.) arXiv:0909.4931, to appear in Phys. Rev. D.
  3. Higher representations on the lattice: Numerical simulations. SU(2) with adjoint fermions. Luigi Del Debbio, Agostino Patella, Claudio Pica, arXiv:0805.2058