Centre of excellence for Cosmology and Particle Physics Phenomenology CP³-Origins (SDU)

Coordinator, Full Partner

The Centre for Particle Physics Phenomenology – CP3-Origins has been established by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) and opened on the 1st of September 2009 at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. It is the leading centre of excellence for theoretical particle physics phenomenology in Denmark.

Key Persons

  • Prof. F. Sannino
  • Dr. C. Pica
  • Dr. D. D. Dietrich

Key Competences/Facilities

The project naturally integrates with the cutting edge research activities of CP3-Origins and the supercomputing resources supported by the Danish Centre for Super Computing. We are world leaders in models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking and pioneered the first models passing the electroweak precision tests and the phase diagram of any nonsupersymmetric gauge theory of fundamental interactions.

Previous Training Programs and Research

We lead the national research education programme: Unifying Fundamental Interactions (UFI). We organize several yearly graduate schools, workshops and important conferences worldwide. Sannino led the European Excellence Team (MEXT-CT-2004- 013510) and the EU project (FP6 MEIF-CT-2006-39211) with outstanding scientific and training results. All the researchers involved found new research positions with 100% realization. The centre’s researchers and students, at CP3-Origins, have access to the best research institutions worldwide. Sannino’s two most recent PhDs students are now in Oxford and Stony Brook in US as postdoctoral researchers. Sannino’s recent graduate school lectures are used worldwide to train students. In the recent past he has supervised 12 postdocs. He is currently supervising 3 elite master students and co- supervising 2 PhDs students. He is author of several well cited single authors papers.

Selected Publications

  1. F. Sannino, QCD-Dual, Phys. Rev. D80:065011,2009.
  2. D. Dietrich, F. Sannino, K. Tuominen, Light composite Higgs from higher representations., Phys. Rev. D.72:055001, 2005.
  3. F. Sannino, K. Tuominen, Orientifold theory dynamics and symmetry breaking, Phys. Rev. D.71:051901, 2005.