University of Syracuse, US (SYR)

Associated Partner of CP3-Origins (SDU) and UEDIN

Syracuse University has a strong international reputation in theoretical particle physics and gravity – Prof. Pierre Ramond -one of the co-discoverer’s of supersymmetry was a student at Syracuse, Profs. Abhay Ashtekar and Lee Smolin are alumni faculty and while at Syracuse pioneered the development of a new approach to quantum gravity. The theoretical particle physics group consists of 4 faculty, 2 postdocs and 4-6 graduate students.

Key Persons

  • Prof. S. Catterall

Key Competences/Facilities

The lattice field theory group at Syracuse has long been a pioneer in the use of lattice approaches and numerical work in theories which go beyond the SM of particle physics. We have played a leadership role in developing lattice supersymmetry and more recently started the first numerical work on lattice technicolor (in collaboration with Prof. Sannino at CP³-Origins). We have access to substantial computing resources through our membership in USQCD. Catterall currently serves on the Scientific program committee for USQCD.

Previous Training Programs and Research

Catterall has trained 5 PhD students in lattice field theory and taught at a number of international summer schools for graduate students including the International Summer School in Lattice Field Theory at the University of Washington in July 2007. The group typically supports 4-6 students and 2 postdoctoral fellows. Catterall has played a leading role in the study of supersymmetric lattice field theory as is witnessed by several highly cited papers and a recent invited Physics Reports (2009) on the subject.

Selected Publications

  1. Catterall,Sannino, Minimal walking on the lattice,Phys. Rev. D.76:034504, 2007.
  2. Catterall,Lattice formulation of N=4 super Yang-Mills. JHEP0506:027, 2005.
  3. Catterall,Lattice supersymmetry and topological…,JHEP 0305:038, 2003.