Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US (R)

Associated Partner of CP3-Origins (SDU)

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of the Department of Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy conducts both fundamental and applied research, often in collaboration with researchers from other Rensselaer departments, other universities, industry, or the National Laboratories. As an important part of their education, graduate students collaborate with faculty members to make original research contributions in their area of specialization.

Key Persons

  • Assistant Prof. J. Giedt

Key Competences/Facilities

Strong knowledge of lattice field theory. J. Giedt has pioneering work on Minimal Walking Technicolor models on the lattice in collaboration with Profs. S. Catterall and F. Sannino. J. Giedt together with S. Catterall are also investigating supersymmetric strong dynamics on the lattice.

Previous Training Programs and Research

Giedt is supervising several graduate students.

Selected Publications

  1. S. Catterall, J. Giedt, F. Sannino, J. Schneible, Probes of nearly conformal behavior in lattice simulations of minimal walking technicolor. arXiv: 0910.4387. Submitted for publication.
  2. S. Catterall, J. Giedt, F. Sannino, J. Schneible, Phase diagram of SU(2) with 2 flavors of dynamical adjoint quarks, JHEP 0811:009, 2008.
  3. J. Giedt, R. Brower, S. Catterall, G.T. Fleming, P. Vranas, Lattice super Yang-Mills using domain wall fermions in the chiral limit, Phys. Rev. D79:025015,2009.