University of London (QML)

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Theoretical physics at Queen Mary has a strong tradition of excellence, notably in the area of string theory, as it is shown by the pioneering work by Michael Green on superstrings and Chris Hull on string dualities. Currently the theory group at Queen Mary comprises 25 members: 7 research active staff, 5 postdoctoral Fellows or Research Assistants, and 13 full-time PhD students.

Key Persons

  • Dr R. Russo

Key Competences/Facilities

Queen Mary can provide a wide range of expertise in supersymmetric gauge theories and their connection with string theory via D-brane constructions. Techniques and ideas developed in these areas will be extremely useful for the project presented in particular in relation to lattice simulations of gauge theories beyond QCD.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The theory group at Queen Mary runs a vibrant program of seminars, a lecture series at advanced PhD level (the Graduate program in String/Field Theory), a series of “triangular seminars” in common with the theory departments of Kings and Imperial college, besides a series of informal journal club and topical discussion groups. Our group has also an exchange program with other universities in France, Italy and the United States, that allows PhD students in their last year to complete part of their training abroad.

Selected Publications