Ylichron (Y)

Associated Partner of LNF (LNF)

Ylichron S.r.l. is an Italian SME founded on 2005 as spin-off of the Italian Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment (ENEA). To date it counts 12 employees and its R&D laboratory is located within the ENEA Research Centre “Casaccia” in the north outskirts of Roma. Ylichron’s core business concerns with the design of innovative solutions for high performance computing systems. It has a proprietary tool (HCE) consisting of a C to VHDL compiler which allows the automatic design of a digital device starting from specifics written in ANSI C language, to be implemented on reconfigurable logics (FPGA).

Key Persons

  • Dr V. Rosato

Key Competences/Facilities

Ylichron has a relevant know-how on software engineering (in particular for IA solutions, image analysis, bioinformatics). Ylichron has recently opened a new activity line in biotechnology, operating an advanced genomics and metabolomic laboratory where it directly performs bioinformatics, molecular modelling, in silico metabolic engineering activities.
Among the Ylichron track record: 2006: Ylichron has been awarded among the “Innovative Companies” in the Italian Regione Lazio.

Previous Training Programs and Research

The company has performed a two year training course related to the project LAGS (Local Area Grid for the analysis and control of movement in airport’s apron). The company has formed two young scientists with nearly 2000 hours of courses (theoretical, practical, hands on) on technologies related to the design and the realization of a Decision Support System connecting a grid of multi-sensors, for the analysis and the control of movement of mobile vehicles (cars, technical lorries, aircrafts etc.) in the airport apron (external area connecting runways with stands and operation areas).