CP3-Genius High School Program

The CP3-Genius High School Program is an initiative meant to allow the brightest minds at high school level to join the research activities at our centre.

For High School Students:

If you think you have a lot of energy and have excellent grades in mathematics and physics, we will be very happy to host you for one or two days at our centre.

Here you will learn about some of the basic topics in cosmology, high energy physics and more generally learning about the fundamental laws of the universe and why they must be amended to explain yet the many open questions in cosmology and particle physics.

We will not accept more than five bachelor students per year and will consider very few high school students for this program. You will have to keep an average of around 10 in science to be able to enter the program.

For High School Teachers:

We will be happy to have you and your classes visiting our new centre of excellence and get up-to-date information about the fundamental laws of the universe. You will learn about the latest news from the Large Hadron Collider experiment at the European Centre of Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. We will let you know also about the latest news on dark matter and energy obtained via cosmological observations. We will introduce in lay terms new theories and ideas which might help solve some of the fundamental puzzles posed by nature.

Please contact Martin S. Sloth to receive further information or to book a visit at CP3-Origins.


The poster for the CP3 Genius High School Program can be found here.