CP3-Genius Bachelor Program

The CP3-Genius Program is an offer for bachelor students in physics and mathematics at SDU. The purpose is to provide an introduction to high-energy physics and the centre’s research interests, thereby enabling the students to participate in research already at the level of the bachelor project and master thesis.

You will:

  • Keep following your standard bachelor curriculum and at the same time you will join the advanced research programs at our centre.
  • Be part of a mini unit consisting of one or two graduate students (master and/or PhD students), a postdoc, and a staff member.
  • Be able to acquire the required skills ranging from the use of supercomputers, advanced theoretical physics concepts and mathematics in order to address the challenging problems you will encounter.
  • Be invited to special lectures by the CP3 research staff.

How to sign up

It is possible to sign up for the program at all bachelor levels, but you are of course encouraged to start as early as possible.

Please contact Michele Della Morte to get further information.

CP3-Genius Feedback Meeting

To ensure that everything goes as planned every year we will have a CP3-Genius Feedback Meeting, where we will discuss your progress. Also, regularly we will have a pizza meeting, where the genius students present a project based on what they have learned.

Finally, note that CP3-Genius students should send their average grade every year before the end of July. 1st year students should only send the average of their Physics and Mathematics grades. To stay in the CP3-Genius Program, you must maintain an average degree of at least 10.


Below you can find details on our regular schedule. For each part of the program, you can also see a more detailed list of what was done last time. If you have special interests in specific topics, we can tailor the program for you.

1st Year

  • Special relativity
  • Vector calculus
  • First year project within CP3’s area for example on cosmology or collider physics.

More details.

2nd Year

  • Lagrangian mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Complex analysis
  • Electrodynamics and classical field theory

More details.

3rd Year

  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Introduction to Quantum field theory
  • Bachelor project supervised by CP3-Origins.


This honour program builds entirely on the voluntary “extra” work carried out mostly by the graduate students with the support of postdocs, staff members and administration at CP3-Origins. Therefore no claims can be made towards any decisions made by the people involve nor about the form of the program. We are, however, always happy to receive your feedback and suggestions for improving it.


The poster for the CP3 Genius Bachelor Program can be found here.