2018 Physics Challenge

You know you are good at physics, but do you know how good you really are? The 2018 Physics Challenge offers you an opportunity to test yourself against the best students in Denmark, and the standards of the best international schools.

Just what is this?

There are three versions of the 2018 Physics Challenge, aimed at students who have completed their first through third years of university respectively, but ambitious high school students are also welcome to participate. Each of them is a 4 hour written test in theoretical physics, the first year test will focus on special relativity, vector calculus and complex analysis, the second year on analytical mechanics and electromagnetism, while the third year test will cover quantum mechanics and group theory. The test itself will take place at the Odense Campus of SDU on:

Wednesday September 5th at 10:00.

The Physics Challenge will be held in the FKF colloquia room.

It also serves as the exam of the CP3-Genius program for gifted students. The CP3-Genius program is a supplement to the physics education at SDU which has been offered to skilled and motivated students since 2010.

What’s in it for me?

By excelling at the 2018 physics challenge you get a foot in the door at CP³-Origins, one of the fastest growing research groups in Denmark.

The student who achieves the highest score will furthermore receive a grant of 5000 kr to participate in a physics conference or seasonal school of their choice, sponsored by the SDU department for Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy.


To register for the 2018 Physics Challenge, please contact Michele Della Morte.


Michele Della Morte