Ricardo José Zambujal Ferreira

Portrait of Ricardo José Zambujal Ferreira

Research Assistant

Ricardo José Zambujal Ferreira has left CP3-Origins - This page is kept here for historical reference.
Phone: (+45) 6550 8479

Short CV


  • 2012 - present: PhD Student, CP3-Origins. Advisor: Martin S. Sloth.
  • 2012: M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics, University of Porto, Portugal. Thesis: Wormholes and Time Machines in Nonminimally coupled theories of gravity. Advisor: Prof. Orfeu Bertolami
  • 2010: B.sc. in Physics, University Of Porto
  • 2008 - 2010: Participation in the Research Program Drop your thesis sponsered by ESA.

Prizes and Scholarships

  • 2012: Prize for best lecture in the Portuguese Meeting of Physics Students, ENEF 2012.
  • 2009 - 2010: Scholarship on Topological Defects – Domain Walls
  • 2001: Winner of the Mathematical Portuguese Pre-Olympiad.

Research Interests

Lately my interests were focused in Modified Theories of Gravity and Cosmology both from a theoretical and phenomenological point of view. I am also very interested in topics such as Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories.