Stefano Di Chiara

Portrait of Stefano Di Chiara

Post Doc

Stefano Di Chiara has left CP3-Origins - This page is kept here for historical reference.
Phone: (+45) 6550 4521

Short CV


  • May 2009: PhD in Physics, Michigan State University, USA.
  • April 2003: Laurea in Physics, University of Cagliari, Italy.


  • September 2009-August 2012: Postdoctoral Researcher, Southern Denmark University.
  • January 2007-July 2009: Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University.
  • September 2004-December 2006: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Michigan State University.
  • January 2004-May 2004: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Cagliari.
  • May 2003-August 2004: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Cagliari.


  • March 2009 Recipient of Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Michigan State University.
  • April 2003 Recipient of Laurea in Fisica, University of Cagliari, 110/110 Cum Laude.

Research Interests

Technicolor models. Supersymmetric and nonsupersymmetric extensions of the SM. Electroweak precision tests and collider phenomenology. Deconstructed Higgsless models. Quantum field theories in noncommutative space.