Eugenio Del Nobile

Portrait of Eugenio Del Nobile

PhD Student

Eugenio Del Nobile has left CP3-Origins - This page is kept here for historical reference.
Phone: (+45) 6550 4589

Short CV


  • February 2010 to present: PhD Student at CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark
  • October 2009: Laurea Specialistica in Scienze Fisiche (equivalent to MSc), University of Pisa, Italy.

Research Interests

I am interested in the Unification of Fundamental Interactions from both a theoretical and phenomenological viewpoint, geometry and geometrization of space-time (hence Gravity), and Cosmology. Sometimes I wonder on what is the role of fundamental symmetries in Nature, and on what formalism could go over the Action/Lagrangian formulation. Finally I'm charmed by the connections between simple and complex and by how to solve problems from a higher external viewpoint, too.