MASS 2013 Workshop Talks

Most talks from the MASS 2013 workshop are available below:

Thursday, August 15

George Fleming (Yale University)
Dealing with fixed topology in lattice gauge theory (slides from the talk)
Marco Panero (University of Helsinki)
Lattice approach to real-time dynamics in a hot medium (slides from the talk)

Friday, August 16

Rajeev Kumar Jain (CP³-Origins)
Cosmological magnetic fields from inflation (slides from the talk)
H.J. He (Tsinghua U.)
LHC Higgs Signatures: from Weak Interaction to Gravitation (slides from the talk)

Monday, August 19

Thomas Konstandin (DESY)
Electroweak baryogenesis: A status report (slides from the talk)
Adriano Natale (UNESP)
How light can be a composite scalar? (slides from the talk)

Tuesday, August 20

Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (CERN)
Recent results in dark matter direct detection (slides from the talk)
Oleg Antipin (CP³-Origins)
Standard Model vacuum stability and Weyl consistency conditions (slides from the talk)

Wednesday, August 21

Rohana Wijewardhana (University of Cincinnati)
Study of Stabilty of Brane Embeddings
Alexander Westphal (DESY)
Inflationary Ramifications of a Meta-Stable Higgs Vacuum (slides from the talk)

Thursday, August 22

Alfonso Zerwekh (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile)
Higgs boson Phenomenology in a model with vector resonances (slides from the talk)
Norikazu Yamada (KEK)
SU(2) gauge theory with six flavors (slides from the talk)