MASS 2013 Conference Talks

Most talks from the MASS 2013 conference are available below.

Monday, August 12

Merlin Davies (University of Montreal)
Resonances with jets, including ttbar (also covering leptoquarks and excited quarks) (slides from the talk)
Daniel Levin (University of Michigan)
Searches for Dark Matter & Large Extra Dimensions with Mono-Jet/photon/W Signals in the ATLAS & CMS Detectors (slides from the talk)
Henning Gast (RWTH Aachen)
Cosmic-ray research with AMS-02 on the International Space Station (slides from the talk)
Estia Eichten (Fermilab)
The Higgs Boson and Naturalness (slides from the talk)
Bob Holdom (University of Toronto)
Still far from the Higgs? (slides from the talk)
Philippe de Forcrand (ETH Zürich)
Conformality in many-flavor strongly coupled lattice QCD (slides from the talk)

Tuesday, August 13

Jan Hamann (CERN)
(Dark-matter-related) cosmology results from Planck (slides from the talk)
Frederic Ronga (ETH Zürich)
BSM searches at ATLAS and CMS (slides from the talk)
Alexander Oh (University of Manchester)
Higgs and Standard Model Measurements at the LHC (slides from the talk)
Kimmo Kainulainen (University of Jyväskylä)
Non-supersymmetric Dark matter, baryogenesis, naturality and unification (slides from the talk)
Volodya Miransky (University of Western Ontario)
Dynamics with isospin symmetric Higgs boson: the quark mass hierarchy, CKM matrix, and the LHC data (slides from the talk)
Giacomo Cacciapaglia (Lyon)
New quarks and leptons at the LHC (slides from the talk)

Wednesday, August 14

Ulrik Egede (Imperial College London)
Flavour physics at the LHC (slides from the talk)
Ferdinando Giordano (INFN Catania) (slides from the talk)
Adrian Perieanu (RWTH-Aachen)
Future plans and expectation for LHC, CLIC, ILC and not only (slides from the talk)

The talk by Zohar Komargodski (Weizmann Inst.) contained unpublished results, and will be made available at a later date.

Karl Jansen (DESY)
The Higgs boson: a non-perturbative lattice study (slides from the talk)
Randy Lewis (York University, Toronto)
Dark matter from a composite Goldstone boson (slides from the talk)