Mass 2011 LHC Training School

May 9-13, 2011.

Co-organized with MASS 2011 the main focus of the school is the training in the construction of experimental signatures for the Large Hadron Collider from new extensions of the Standard Model of Fundamental Interactions.

Important Dates

  • April 15, 2011: Deadline for hotel reservation
  • April 15, 2011: Registration deadline for students applying for funding


Training Sessions


The course is about providing the tools for bridging theory and experiments in High Energy Physics from the construction of new theories of nature to their discovery at collider experiments such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Lectures in the morning, of the order of circa two per day, will be given by outstanding international scientists. The subjects of the lectures will be on Supersymmetric and Technicolor extensions of the Standard Model, Lattice for Beyond Standard Model Physics, Cosmic Rays (theory and experiments), Dark Matter experiments, collider physics in theory and experiments, latest results from the LHC. An important part of the training will be the introduction to the event generators needed to make sensible predictions for the LHC experiments, such as MadGraph and CalcHEP.

Evaluation & Organization

Part of the evaluation will be based on the active participation of the students in the discussions during the training hours and questions sessions at the end of each morning lecture and afternoon tutorials. Besides, the students will be divided into different groups with a specific project each to carry out during the week. The different groups will write a short report and provide a final presentation on the last day of the school. The students are expected to be at the school for the entire week starting on Monday the 9th of May when the various training projects will be assigned to the different groups till Friday when the different groups will report their results for evaluation.


Final reports for the groups are available here:

ECTS points

The students can redeem 5 ECTS points as approved by the Study Board and the PhD Committee of the University of Southern Denmark. Mass 2011 LHC Training School is on the list of pre-approved courses for students at the Department of Physics and Chemistry (see link).

Responsible Local CP3-Origins Experts

Sponsors and Funding for students

CP3-Origins and Nordforsk/LHC & Beyond.

Limited travel and lodging funds will be available for Nordic participants supported by Nordforsk/LHC & Beyond. Please indicate on the registration form if you want to be considered for funding.

Researches and graduate students that do not qualify for funding can find information on accommodation and associated  costs here.