Accommodation is the participants own responsibility. We have blocked rooms in the hotels and bed & breakfast’s listed below. These rooms can be booked through our universities accommodation officer by sending an email to

The modus operandi is first come first served and in most cases the block reservation expires on April 16, 2010.
As subject please give CP3 Conference, so that your email can be recognized immediately.
In the body of your message please state the

  • date of arrival
  • date of departure
  • desired hotel
  • single or double room

You are also welcome to book your accommodation independently. See the following lists of Hotels and Bed & Breakfast’s.


Bed & Breakfast’s

Hotels (initial number of block reserved rooms)

Danhostel 3 doubles 350 DKK per person
City Hotel 2 singles 607 DKK per night
Cab Inn 5 doubles &
10 singles
715 DKK per night
510 DKK per night
Hotel Knudsensgaard 10 singles 725 DKK per night

Bed & Breakfast

Alléhus Bed & Breakfast 4 singles, shared bath &
1 single, private bath
300 DKK per night
385 DKK per night
Engvej Bed & Breakfast 2 singles, shared bath &
1 single, private bath
300 DKK per night
400 DKK per night

University Guestrooms (no breakfast)

See the link for movies with instructions.

Winsløwsvej nr. 9 1 single, private bath &
1 single, shared bath
250 DKK per night
187,50 DKK per night