DAνCO Talks Monday August 28

Maxim Pospelov (Perimeter Institute)
Opening Talk (slides from the talk)
Francis Halzen (UW-Madison)
IceCube: Building a New Window on the Universe from Antarctica (slides from the talk)
Shin'ichiro Ando (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)
Power of angular power: Implications for dark matter and cosmic neutrinos (slides from the talk)
Belen Gavela (UA Madrid and IFT)
On axions and ALPs (slides from the talk)
Javier Redondo (Zaragoza U & MPP)
Axions and ALPs: hints and experiments (slides from the talk)
Subir Sarkar (University of Oxford and NBI Copenhagen)
Probing new physics with high energy cosmic neutrinos (slides from the talk)