DAνCo: DArk matter, neutrinos and their Connections

When: Monday, August 28 to Friday, September 1, 2017
Where: O100, SDU, Odense, Denmark

We are pleased to announce the conference DAνCo. The topics of this conference are Dark matter, neutrinos and their connections in the field of astroparticle physics. The conference brings together outstanding international researchers working in these rapidly progressing fields. We wish to stimulate active discussions and new international collaborations and to establish new connections between theory and experiment.

Plenary talks are upon invitation only.
Participation and submission of talks in parallel sessions is unrestricted.
Support for outstanding PhD students and young postdocs
(up to four years since getting their PhD) is available.

For further information please see the registration page.

For visa information see below.

Invited Plenary Speakers


Registration for the conference (including submission of parallel talks, participation in reception, guided city tour and conference dinner)
closes on Monday, August 7, 2017.
The conference fee is 900 DKK (120 EUR) for students and 1250 DKK (170 EUR) for postdocs and senior researchers.
The fee is waived for invited speakers and supported PhD students/postdocs.


Regarding VISA requirements and application we refer to the following webpages:
List of countries from which you will need a visa
How to apply for a visa, including time schedule
Please contact Centre administrator Lone Ch. Nielsen in due time for an additional invitation valid for visa application.

International Advisory Committee

Local Organizing Committee


This conference is sponsored by the Danish Agency for Research and Innovation, Carlsberg Foundation, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy and CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark.