Physics for Everyone – Special Relativity

March 12, 2013

Who: Frederik Faarvang Hansen (CP3-Origins), Henrik Knud Bjørn Siboni (CP3-Origins), Ida Amalie Tolbøll Friis (CP3-Origins), Mads Elmelund Hjadstrup Hansen (CP3-Origins), Nikolai Christian Wallin Borch-Andersen (CP3-Origins), and Rasmus Meimers (CP3-Origins)
When: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 18:30
Where: “StudieStuen”, Nedergade 12, Odense

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Are time travels possible? Principle of relativity Introduction to special relativity (c) WikimediaHave you ever wondered how fast you can really move? Will you ever see dinosaurs? Can you look around corners and cheat on your exams? Is SpiderMan really dead?

All these questions, except for the last one, will be answered when first year students from the CP3-Genius program visit the bookshop and student hang out “StudieStuen” and try to explain special relativity – more comprehensibly than ever before.

And there will be further questions discussed:

Can I tip over my bank counsellor with a flashlight? Can my budgerigar run an electric car? Can a friend come out of nothing? Can I destroy the universe?

PS. There will be haikus and limericks