New PhD student at CP3-Origins

March 14, 2013

In March 15, Ole Svendsen starts as a PhD student at CP3-Origins.

Portrait of Ole Svendsen

In October last year, Ole Svendsen finished his Master thesis on Natural models of Inflation advised by Francesco Sannino. Since then, he has worked as a research assistant at CP3-Origins.

Continuing the work of his thesis, he will now look at gauge theories of fundamental interactions: Inflation, Dark Matter and Higgs.

Gauge Theories of fundamental interactions constitute the back-bone of our understanding of the forces of Nature, i.e., Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak and Strong interactions. New forces are awaiting to be discovered, and are expected to be responsible for describing the unknown side of the Universe, the dark side. Ole’s work  has the ambition to shed light on the perturbative and non-pertubative dynamics of generic gauge theories of fundamental interactions and consequent impact on our understanding of Nature. In particular he will focus on extensions of the standard model of particle interactions taking into account the presence of dark matter and simultaneously providing a natural mechanism underpinning the rapid expansion of the Universe after the Big Bang, i.e., inflation.

Svendsen’s PhD advisor is Francesco Sannino.