Unleashing Feedback: Galaxies and AGN

Who: Joe Silk (IAP, JHU & Oxford University)
When: Monday, June 3, 2013 at 14:15
Where: U155

Progress has been made in understanding the origin of spiral galaxies, but elliptical galaxy formation continues to pose unresolved problems. In both cases, feedback seems to be a central issue. I will review our understanding of feedback, on scales from stars to galaxies. I will focus on massive spheroids, where one invariably finds evidence for the presence of supermassive black holes. These are often visible, especially at early epochs, as  active galactic nuclei. Negative feedback, due to the outflow from the central black hole  during its accretion phase, quenches the gas  supply to the spheroid. Is there an earlier period of feedback during protogalaxy formation that could result in  an efficient phase of early black hole growth and star formation? Are there observational implications of AGN triggering of star formation? I will discuss some of these issues in this talk.


Slides from the talk