Standard Model @ LHC 2012 – Conference

When: Tuesday, April 10 to Friday, April 13, 2012
Where: Discovery Center, NBI, KU

The four day meeting will bring together both experimental and theoretical aspects of Standard Model phenomenology at the LHC. The very latest results from the LHC experiments will be under discussion.

PosterTopics covered will be split into the following catagories

  • QCD (Hard,Soft & PDFs)
  • Vector Boson production
  • Higgs searches
  • Top Quark Physics
  • Flavour physics

Organising Committee

  • Jeppe Andersen (CP3 Origins, Odense)
  • Mario Campanelli (UCL)
  • Stefan Dittmaier (Freiburg U.)
  • Karl Jakobs (Freiburg U.)
  • Frank Krauss (Durham U., IPPP)

More information

Can be found at this URL