New PhD student at CP3

October 22, 2012

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October 22, 2012 Ricardo José Zambujal Ferreira started as a PhD student at CP3-Origins as part of Prof. Martin S. Sloth‘s cosmology group.

Portrait of Ricardo José Zambujal FerreiraFerreira got his master degree at the University of Porto under the supervision of Prof. Orfeu Bertolami where he worked on wormholes and time machines in nonminimally coupled theories of gravity. The master thesis was the basis for one of the two articles Ferreira has published in Phys.Rev.D.

Lately his research interests are focused on Inflation, Modified Theories of Gravity, and Cosmology both from a theoretical and phenomenological point of view. He is also very interested in topics such as Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories.

Ferreira is supervised by Martin S. Sloth.