Naturalness and enhanced diphoton rate in the GNMSSM

Who: Kai Schmidt-Hoberg (CERN)
When: Monday, October 15, 2012 at 14:15
Where: U49D

We determine the degree of fine tuning needed in a generalised version of the NMSSM that follows from an underlying Z4 or Z8 R symmetry. We find that it is significantly less than is found in the MSSM or NMSSM and extends the range of Higgs mass that have acceptable fine tuning up to Higgs masses of mh ~ 130 GeV.

We also study the di-photon rate in Higgs decays within this framework and point out that light charginos as well as a light charged Higgs can significantly contribute to the corresponding partial decay width, allowing for an explanation of the experimental indication whithin a natural supersymmetric model. This is in contrast to the `light stau scenario’ proposed within the framework of the MSSM which requires a large amount of electroweak fine tuning.

The talk is sponsored by FNU’s Sapera Aude Programme.


Slides from the talk