Three new Post Docs at CP3-Origins

August 31, 2012

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September 1, 2012, three new post docs join CP3-Origins.

Rudy Arthur did his undergrad studies in computational physics at the Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland), and has recently finished his PhD at the University of Edinburgh (UK)

Arthur’s main research interests are Lattice QCD, non-perturbative physics, statistical mechanics and numerical methods.

Diego Becciolini got his master degree in physics at LPTP, Riccardo Rattazzi’s group at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), and is now finishing his PhD at the University of Southampton (UK) as part of the SHEP & NExT group, with Elena Accomando and Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous.

Becciolini is interested in the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism and Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology.

Marc Gillioz did his undergrad studies at the EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland), and recently finished his PhD at the University of Zürich (Switzerland).

Gillioz’s research interests are mostly in particle physics beyond the Standard Model, where he is particularly concerned by the nature of the electroweak symmetry breaking. His PhD work was oriented towards the so-called composite Higgs models, in which the Higgs boson arises as pseudo-Goldstone boson of a new, strongly-interacting sector. This includes the usual perturbative approach of collider phenomenology, but also using solitons (skyrmions) to model heavy, stable particles appearing in this class of models.