Holographic thermalization – an update

Who: Michal Heller (University of Amsterdam)
When: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 14:15
Where: U49C

For the last couple of years applications of AdS/CFT correspondence has been among the most popular research trends. The field kicked off with the calculation of the shear viscosity of the plasma of N=4 SYM theory, famous η/s = 1/4π. This surprisingly small number turned out to be very close to values needed to describe hydrodynamic part of the evolution of the quark-gluon plasma in heavy ion collisions at RHIC and LHC experiments, yet it is not known how to obtain it from first principle calculations in QCD. In my talk I will give an overview of how AdS/CFT correspondence can contribute to understanding another puzzle in heavy ion collisions, the very short time, of order of 0.5 fm/c, it takes there to reach hydrodynamic regime.

The talk will be partly based on arXiv:1103.3452 and arXiv:1202.0981.


Slides from the talk