Carlos Nuñez is HCA Academy Professor and first CP3-World guest

August 17, 2012

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We are delighted to announce that Prof. Carlos Nuñez Carlos Nuñezfrom Swansea University, UK has been awarded the HCA Academy professorship position to be at CP3-Origins for the next 3 years for 10% of the time. He will also be our first CP3-World visiting professor which is an independent CP3-Origins initiative.

Nuñez is a world-class theoretical particle physicist with an outstanding international reputation. He has made seminal contributions to quantum field theory and string theory. He joined Swansea University in 2005, having established his reputation at Harvard where he worked with Prof. Juan Maldacena, the originator of the AdS/CFT correspondence or gauge-gravity duality hypothesis which has dominated much of particle theory in the last decade. This duality is one of the most remarkable insights of modern physics.

Nuñez wrote two of the seminal papers in this field with Maldacena, Supergravity description of field theories on curved manifolds and a no-go theorem and Towards the large N limit of N = 1 Super Yang-Mills. These papers, which together have 880 citations, opened up the new field of using gauge-gravity duality to study experimentally realistic theories of particle physics. Most recently, he has been pioneering the application of these ideas to Technicolor theories, which replace the conventional Higgs-boson mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking by a new, strong-coupling gauge sector analogous to QCD. This work complements the more directs, field theoretical and lattice gauge theory approaches to beyond the standard model physics which researchers at CP3 have pioneered. The synergy between these three approaches will further our position at the forefront of the field if our models are shown to be realised by experiments in the next few years at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN.

Nuñez has a very high international standing, evidenced by the number of invitations he receives to deliver plenary talks at conferences and lecture courses on gauge-gravity duality around the world. In the last five years, he has delivered 10 plenary lectures at major international conferences in the U.S., Italy, Portugal, Argentina and Mexico and has given research lectures at institutes in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Iran. Since he has been appointed at Swansea, he has given more than 40 invited research seminars throughout the U.K. and Europe. He is sought after to advise on research grants by funding bodies in the U.S., Argentina and Chile and has acted as PhD examiner in Belgium, Italy and Spain. He is an inspirational lecturer and an ideal choice as visiting professor under the HCA Academy and CP3-World program.