Neutron stars and black holes illuminate dark matter

July 31, 2012

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The recent paper by Chris Kouvaris published in Physical Review LettersBullet Cluster - Credit & ©: NASA/CXC/CfA/ M.Markevitch et al. made it to the news.

An article by Chris Lee in Ars Technica presents in simple terms the paper for the public.

The paper presents constraints on the self-interactions of dark matter particles based on observations of nearby old neutron stars.
Under certain circumstances self-interactions of dark matter particles can lead to formation of a small black hole made of dark matter inside a neutron star. This black hole could eventually eat up the rest of the star transforming the whole star to a big black hole.The existence of old neutron stars in specific places of the Galaxy, can therefore impose constraints on dark matter self-interactions and other properties.

Kouvaris’s recent paper in Physical Review Letters: Limits on Self-Interacting Dark Matter from Neutron Stars.

The article by Chris Lee can be found on