Limits on Self-Interacting Dark Matter in Phys. Rev. Letters

May 23, 2012

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The paper Limits on Self-Interacting Dark Matter by Chris Kouvaris was recently published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters journal of the American Physical Society.

In the paper, we impose new severe constraints on the self-interactions of fermionic asymmetric dark matter based on observations of nearby old neutron stars. WIMP self-interactions mediated by Yukawa-type interactions can lower signi cantly the number of WIMPs necessary for gravitational collapse of the WIMP population accumulated in a neutron star. Even nearby neutron stars located at regions of low dark matter density can accrete sucient number of WIMPs that can potentially collapse, form a mini black hole, and destroy the host star. Based on this, we derive constraints on the WIMP self-interactions which in some cases are by several orders of magnitude stricter than the ones from the bullet cluster (which are currently considered the most stringent).

A PDF version of the paper can be found on