Gamma ray Constraints on Decaying Dark Matter

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2012-10 and DIAS-2012-11
Authors: Marco Cirelli (CERN & CEA/Saclay), Emmanuel Moulin (CEA/Saclay), Paolo Panci (CP3-Origins & DIAS), Pasquale D. Serpico (LAPTh/Annecy), and Aion Viana (CEA/Saclay)
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We derive new constraints on decaying Dark Matter from the gamma ray measurements of the isotropic residual background by FERMI and of the Fornax galaxy cluster by HESS. We find that they are among the most stringent ones for a large range of DM masses and a variety of decay modes, excluding half-lives up to ∼ 1026 to few 1027 seconds. In particular, they exclude the interpretation in terms of decaying DM of the e± anomalies in PAMELA, FERMI and HESS, unless very conservative choices are adopted.
We also discuss future prospects for CTA.