Exclusive photoproduction and gamma-gamma processes at the LHC

Who: Wolfgang Schäfer (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAN, Poland)
When: Monday, July 2, 2012 at 14:15
Where: FKF’s colloquia room

In central exclusive and central diffractive production we study very special events, in which the incoming protons emerge intact in the final state and are scattered into very small angles. Additional particles are produced at central rapidities, separated by large rapidity gaps from the outgoing protons. The relevant production mechanisms for this final state topology are connected with various t-channel exchanges, most notably Pomeron-Pomeron fusion, γ-Pomeron fusion (or photoproduction) and γ-γ-fusion.

I will discuss recent results concerning the exclusive central photoproduction of vector mesons. Recently our knowledge on vector meson photoproduction has been furthered by experiments at the HERA accelerator. These experiments have been a testbed of ideas on the production mechanism, the QCD Pomeron exchange. I will show how exclusive production at the LHC will allow us to access photoproduction at still higher energies. The physics spectrum that can be studied with exclusive processes is quite broad, and I will also discuss the possibilities to constrain physics beyond the Standard Model by measuring e.g. exclusive W+ W production via γ-γ fusion.


Slides from the talk