Puzzles of Dark Matter Searches in the Light of Dark Atoms

Who: Maxim Khlopov (APC Paris VII)
When: Monday, April 23, 2012 at 14:15
Where: FKF’s colloquia room

Direct searches for dark matter lead to serious problems for simple models with stable neutral Weakly Interacting Massive  Particles (WIMPs) as candidates for dark matter. A possibility is discussed that new stable quarks and charged leptons exist and are hidden from detection, being bound in neutral dark atoms of composite dark matter. Stable -2 charged particles O^{–} are bound with primordial helium in O-helium atoms, being specific nuclear interacting form of composite dark matter. The positive results of DAMA experiments can be explained as annual modulation of radiative capture of O-helium by nuclei. In the framework of this approach test of DAMA results in detectors with other chemical content becomes a nontrivial task and the O-helium solution for the puzzles of dark matter searches is possible.


Slides from the talk