The First CP3 Interactive Black Book

March 30, 2012

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At the end of every year, some of the centre’s highlights and research visions are summarized in the CP3-Origins Black Books. These books are for colleagues and physics students, but can also be of interest for the general public who wishes to be kept up-to-date in one of the most fascinating areas of research.

For the third report, we introduce the interactive Black Book (iBlack Book), featuring enriched content for more fun and effective reading. You can access, for example, selected parts of scientific keynote presentations on high energy physics. The iBlack Book requires an iPad with an updated iOS (note that iBooks will use some time, approximately 30 s when you first import the book):

The Third Black Book is also available in a PDF version without the interactive features:

The previous two Black Books can be found here: 1st Black Book (April 2010) and 2nd Black Book (April 2011).