Joe Schechter visits CP3 as Fermi Visiting Professor

February 29, 2012

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Joe Schechter from Syracuse University visits CP3-Origins from March through June 2012. He last visited CP3 when the centre first opened in Autumn 2009.

Schechter has made several fundamental contributions in the areas of unified interaction models, non-leptonic decays, neutrino physics, and the application of effective Lagrangian tequniques in QCD. He has a been a pioneer in neutrino physics and most recently his attention has been focused on the QCD low energy spectrum via effective Lagrangians. The underlying motivation for the effective Lagrangian approach is that the basic dynamical variables of the gauge theories of present interest are typically rather distant from observable states. It is nescessary to use variables that are closely related to observational quanities and to understand how the underlying symmetries constrain their interactions. The methods often have applicability to many physical situations and are widely used in many research fields.