Martin S. Sloth joins CP3-Origins as new associate professor

January 4, 2012

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Martin S. Sloth has joined CP3-Origins on January 1, 2012. We are very happy to welcome at CP3-Origins Martin S. Sloth whose main research interests are in cosmology, astroparticle physics, physics beyond the standard model, quantum field theory and string theory.

He is on his quest to answer questions as deep as: What happened before the Big Bang? What has made the universe soon after the Big Bang? By analyzing the measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation investigated by the Planck mission Martin’s research can help moving closer to answer some of the questions above.

Martin received his PhD from the University of Helsinki and then has held research positions at Geneva University, CERN, Aarhus University and the University of Davis in California.

Martin has just won the prestigious Junior Group Leader grant from the Lundbeck Foundation which will allow him to start a strong research group in cosmology integrating into while extending the research horizons of CP3-Origins.

More information on Sloth can be found on his home page.