Flavour Physics in the LHC Era

Who: Andrzej Buras (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
When: Monday, April 30, 2012 at 14:15
Where: FKF’s colloquia room

This decade should provide a much better understanding of the physics at the shortest distance scales explored by humans, that is scales of order $5\times 10^{-20}$m   explored by ATLAS and CMS and possibly even shorter distance scales explored by dedicated flavour physics experiments like LHCb, SuperKEKB, SuperB in Rome and Kaon physics dedicated experiments like NA62, ${\rm K^0}$TO and ORCA. The main goal of these experiments is the search for New Physics (NP) in weak decay processes. The goal of this talk is to provide a grand picture of this fascinating field and to discuss various
NP scenarios beyond the Standard Model and various ways they could be tested through flavour violating processes. The very recent data from the LHCb had a significant impact on various NP models. For some models the LHCb data turned out to be a relief, for other a problem. I will present the first assessment of the impact this data has on our understanding of flavour physics.


Slides from the talk