Minimal Flavour Violation and Neutrino Masses without R-parity

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2011-40 and DIAS-2011-35
Authors: Giorgio Arcadi (SISSA and INFN), Luca Di Luzio (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), and Marco Nardecchia (CP3-Origins)
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We study the extension of the Minimal Flavour Violation (MFV) hypothesis to the MSSM without R-parity. The novelty of our approach lies in the obser- vation that supersymmetry enhances the global symmetry of the kinetic term and in the fact that we consider as irreducible sources of the flavour symmetry breaking all the couplings of the superpotential including the R-parity violat- ing ones. If R-parity violation is responsible for neutrino masses, our setup can be seen as an extension of MFV to the lepton sector. We analyze two patterns based on the non-abelian flavour symmetries SU(3)4 ⊗ SU(4) and SU(3)5. In the former case the total lepton number and the lepton flavour number are broken together, while in the latter the lepton number can be bro- ken independently by an abelian spurion, so that visible effects and peculiar correlations can be envisaged in flavour changing charged lepton decays like li →ljγ.