Post-doc opportunities in cosmology

November 15, 2011

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Deadline: December 1, 2011
Expected starting date: September 2012.
Job Location: Odense, Denmark

Studies of supernova remnant RCW 86 has revealed the origin of cosmic rays. (Image courtesy of ESO/E. Helder and NASA/Chandra.)In addition to the general post-doc search at our institute, one to two post-doc opportunities in cosmology will this year be available in the new cosmology group at CP3-Origins and the Danish Institute for Advanced Study, University of Southern Denmark.

The new group is established in connection with the project Universe-Origins: Probing Fundamental Physics with Planck, and we particularly encourage candidates interested in theoretical cosmology and early universe models (primordial inflation, CMB physics, string cosmology, etc.) to apply. The project begins January 2012 when Martin S. Sloth becomes a part of the CP3-Origins and the Danish Institute for Advanced Study, and is funded with a Jr. group leader fellowship of DKK 10 mill. (EUR 1.3 mill.) from the Lundbeck foundation over 5 years. In this period funding for additional post-docs and PhD students are already secured as a part of the project through the generous support from the Lundbeck foundation.

The Centre for Particle Physics Phenomenology (CP3-Origins) contains at the moment 13 faculty members and several post-docs and PhD students in the areas of particle physics phenomenology, beyond standard model physics, astroparticle physics, collider phenomenology (both SM and BSM), lattice field theory, and cosmology. For further information, see the web-page:

The post-doc opportunities will come with plenty of support for travel and computer equipment. In addition we have funding for arranging several workshops/conferences as a part of the project.

Danish post-doc salaries are competitive and the Odense area is a very nice and affordable area to live in.

Priority will be given to letters of interest received within the deadline December 1, 2011, but late letters may be considered until all openings have been filled.

Procedure: Follow the web page for the general post-doc search at CP3-Origins and mark it Universe-Origins:

For more information contact:

Martin S. Sloth
sloth @