Paolo Panci joins CP3-Origins

September 8, 2011

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Paolo Panci starts as Post Doc at CP³-Origins in the beginning of September 2011.

Panci’s research interests include particle physics beyond the Standard Model and phenomenological aspects of Dark Matter detections. He has worked on a variety of interesting research topics related to Dark Matter problems. For example his works on gamma-rays signals from the annihilations of Dark Matter particle have been well received by the international research community. Panci has also worked on Dark Matter and particle physics models as well and he has a strong interest for other mechanisms, such as the direct detection of Dark Matter particles and effects in cosmology.

After a formal University education in his native Italy Panci obtained a double doctoral degrees in France and Italy under the framework of the IDAPP project (International Doctorate on AstroParticle Physics). Panci has an excellent research record when compared with his age and has collaborated with several international researchers.