Extended Tree-Level Gauge Mediation

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2011-26 and DIAS-2011-13
Authors: Maurizio Monaco (SISSA and INFN), Marco Nardecchia (CP3-Origins), Andrea Romanino (SISSA and INFN), and Robert Ziegler (Technical University of Munich)
External link: arXiv.org

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Tree-level gauge mediation (TGM) is a scenario of SUSY breaking in which the tree-level exchange of heavy (possibly GUT) vector fields generates flavor-universal sfermion masses. In this work we extend this framework to the case of $E_6$ that is the natural extension of the minimal case studied so far. Despite the number of possible $E_6$ subgroups containing $GSM$ is large (we list all rank 6 subgroups), there are only three different cases corresponding to the number of vector messengers.
As a robust prediction we find that sfermion masses are SU(5) invariant at the GUT scale, even if the gauge group does not contain SU(5). If SUSY breaking is mediated purely by the U(1) generator that commutes with SO(10) we obtain universal sfermion masses and thus can derive the CMSSM boundary conditions in a novel scenario.