Autumn School on Particle Physics and Cosmology

When: Tuesday, October 11 to Saturday, October 15, 2011
Where: DESY, Hamburg, Germany

CDG Autumn School PosterCP3-Origins is co-organizing an autumn school on Particle Physics and Cosmology with DESY and the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

The main speakers are:

  • J. R. Andersen: “QCD Phenomenology/MC”
  • J. Haller: “LHC first results”
  • A. Hebecker: “String Phenomenology”
  • S. Heinemeyer: “Higgs and BSM Phenomenology”
  • W. Porod: “Neutrino and Flavour Physics”
  • F. Sannino: “Technicolor and strongly coupled theories”
  • C. Scrucca: “SUSY and SUGRA”
  • P. Ullio: “Dark Matter”
  • A. Weiler: “Beyond the SM Models”
  • A. Westphal: “Inflation”

For more details, look at the autumn school home page at DESY.