The other Higgses, at resonance, in the Lee-Wick extension of the Standard Model

Preprint number: CP3-Origins-2011-25 and DIAS-2011-12
Authors: Terrance Figy (CERN) and Roman Zwicky (CP3-Origins)
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Within the framework of the Lee Wick Standard Model (LWSM) we investigate Higgs pair production gg → h0h0, gg → h0~p0 and top pair production gg → tt at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), where the neutral particles from the Higgs sector (h0, ~h0 and ~p0) appear as possible resonant intermediate states. We investigate the signal gg → h0h0 →bbγγ and we find that the LW Higgs, depending on its mass-range, can be seen not long after the LHC upgrade in 2012. More precisely this happens when the new LW Higgs states are below the top pair threshold. In gg →tt the LW states, due to the wrong-sign propagator and negative width, lead to a dip-peak structure instead of the usual peak-dip structure which gives a characteristic signal especially for low-lying LW Higgs states. We comment on the LWSM and the forward-backward asymmetry in view of the measurement at the TeVatron. Furthermore, we present a technique which reduces the hyperbolic diagonalization to standard diagonalization methods. We clarify issues of spurious phases in the Yukawa sector.