Aspects of Conformal Gauge Theories

Who: Matin Mojaza (CP3-Origins)
When: Monday, May 16, 2011 at 13:00
Where: The CP³ meeting room

Matin Mojaza defends his master thesis on Aspects of Conformal Gauge Theories.

Strong dynamics of asymptotically free gauge theories is an unsolved problem. For large number of flavors we believe the dynamics to be controlled by an infrared stable fixed point.
A key feature, still remaining to be understood, is the non-perturbative dynamics driving theories with a lower number of flavors away from the perturbative fixed point. In this presentation of my thesis I briefly present this issue and will in particular discuss the phases of gauge theories. I present a new investigation of the finite temperature structure of asymptotically free gauge theories possessing a perturbative infrared stable fixed point based on the free energy density at the fixed point. The analysis has been done for different gauge groups and different matter content, in particular both vectorlike and chiral gauge theories.
As another aspect of gauge theories flowing to an infrared fixed point I will discuss the possibility of having gauge-gauge duality at the fixed point in the sense of Universality observed in condensed matter physics. In particular I present a novel non-supersymmetric gauge-gauge duality. Remarkably, this proposal constitutes the first non-supersymmetric duality valid for any number of colors and it predicts the upper bound of the anomalous dimension of the fermion mass at the fixed point to be γ* ≤ 1.

The thesis is available as a PDF file.