Dark Energy and the Cosmological Constant Problem

Who: Florian Bauer (Barcelona University)
When: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 14:15
Where: The CP³ meeting room

Abstract: The currently observed acceleration of the universe may originate from “dark energy”, a new component in the energy content of the cosmos. A tiny positive cosmological constant would be the simplest solution, however, it is usually rejected because our well-working particle physics theories suggest a much larger magnitude than observed. Therefore, other sources of acceleration have been considered, e.g. scalar fields, modified gravity, back reaction effects or a misinterpretation of observations. In these setups the cosmological constant is usually set to zero, and the problem is ignored. Different from that, I will discuss some scenarios that aim at providing low curvature solutions despite the existence of a large cosmological constant.


Slides from the talk