We ♡ ♡ ♡ Caffè & Tea

September 13, 2009

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Is the problem you are working on hard, the meeting exhausting, the paper about to be finished? Now you can boost your day by savouring an excellent caffè, a real cappuccino or latte!

coffeeYou can have them served in the CP³-Origins/IMADA meeting room. There are different possibilities according to your mood. Did you wake up early in the morning? Have an italian ristretto. Too late in the day for caffein? Have a decaf. We have not forgotten the Tea lovers. The machine provides hot water.

You can buy the coffee capsules from Lone Charlotte Nielsen. You will receive some more precise information via e-mail. The machines are very easy to use. The capsules are colored. Simply feed them in the hole and press the button corresponding to the color of the capsule you have inserted. Do not insert several capsules at the same time. Take a moment the first time to familiarize yourself.