New visiting professor at CP3

February 4, 2011

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Prof. Simon Catterall from Syracuse University visits CP3-Origins from February to the beginning of June 2011.Simon Catterall

Professor Catterall is an outstanding scientist currently interested in theoretical and computational lattice studies of theories which attempt to go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

In the past he has worked on discrete theories of quantum gravity and string theory but more recently has been interested in studying supersymmetric theories on the lattice. He has developed new lattice formulations which allow an element of supersymmetry to be preserved exactly at non-zero lattice spacing and has begun studying these theories using Monte Carlo simulation. Such studies can potentially cast light on conjectured dualities between supersymmetric gauge theories and gravity and have impact and application in string and M-theory.

He has also recently begun investigations of lattice gauge theories with fermions in higher dimensional representations. Such models are conjectured to develop conformally invariant phases as the number of fermion flavors is increased. Close to these points the theory exhibits a slow evolution of the coupling with energy scale — the theory walks. We have been examining the minimal model with 2 colors and 2 flavors which can form the basis of a technicolor model for breaking the electroweak theory with a light composite Higgs. This work may have consequences for LHC physics.

Prof. Catterall is a member of the USQCD collaboration and has access to multi Teraflop scale supersomputers at Fermilab and Jlab for carrying out these studies.